A Day in Flame

The wisps of wind caress my skin as i walk through the folds of the night.

With each step i dwell deeper and deeper into the cold.

I hear a voice coercing me to come nearer.

Deeper into the cave of echoing, deafening screams...

Withered Stars

she sang a song of starlight

and fell upon the moon

sinking into her intoxicating embrace

stardust’s luster seemed to change


warm kisses filled with innocent bliss

]blank space in your head—what’s your name

paws dyed a bleeding scarlet, crimson against gold

poisoned thorns stuck in your heart...

Hollow Kaleidoscope of Gray

moonlight shatters the stormy skies
lightning unrooting the waves
and butterflies flickering to darkness
with shredded wings crumbling to ashes...


they smile
lips taut across a face
hair a messy field
and for a brief moment
i feel eyes snap to mine...