Our Goals:

The Congregation of Gnosis is dedicated to the furthering of society by teaching a wide range of topics on science, mathematics, culture, and philosophy. We aim to bring a new society, wherein each and every one of its members are practicing their passions while contributing to the betterment of the society.

We allow all of our members to become more productive to society and we also promote the development of their skills by requiring an output that relates to their passion every Saturday.

Our Beliefs:

Our beliefs stem from Stoicism and Existentialism. We believe that through the combination of these two philosophies can we achieve the peak of happiness and contentment.


Our Connection With Stoicism:

In the philosophy of stoicism the world is divided into two parts. The external world and the internal world. The external world is something which we can not control. For example, we can not control what people think of us. Sure we may be able to influence them into thinking of you in one way or another but at the end of the day, you can not affect their final decision, for no matter what you do it will still be their decision to make. This is the external world.

The internal world is our mind, our thoughts, and emotions. One of the few things that we can control. It is by separating the world into these two categories that they are able to reach an unrivaled serenity in front of complete and utter disaster. And that thinking can be summed up into one sentence. And that is “Nothing will hurt if you don’t let it.” As the roman emperor Marcus Aurelius put it:

Choose not to be harmed and you won’t feel harmed. Don’t feel harmed and you haven’t been.

Feelings of anger, frustration, sadness, and so on will only ever be in our thoughts. And those thoughts as mentioned before, is something we can control. Understand that you shouldn’t care about the things you can control, because why should you be? It’s simply  what happened, there’s nothing you can do about it, so why become enraged at the tragedy while wallowing in self pity? Better to put on a stern face and take on whatever happened. 

We believe in following these thoughts in order to focus not on our own plights, but in the plights of others.

Our Connection With Existentialism:

No matter what you do, you will die. This is something you can not control, so there is no reason to fear it. But not caring about it will not change the fact that you were born without a meaning in life. There is no purpose to be alive. Everything will come to an end. The human race can not exist forever, and neither can the universe. Eternity is long enough to make sure of that. Everything we do is for nothing and nothing we can do is going to change that fact. 

So, why be alive in the first place? Here’s a better question, why not kill yourself? End the monotony of the day to day, from waking up to going to a school or job you hate, to feeling tired despite simply sitting on a chair all day, then sleeping to just do it all again. It’s terrible. So why shouldn’t we end it all? Your answer may be a god, it’s a fair choice, but what if there isn’t one? No one to watch over us, no one to give us meaning or purpose.

So what’s the reason for not committing suicide? The answer is, there is none. So why not make one ourselves? In the absence of a God or purpose, why not make ourselves the gods of the universe that create our own purpose. Who cares if everything ends? I want to be happy now and that’s all that matters, maybe that’s all that could matter. This is Nietzsche’s concept of self- deification wherein we are the ones to fill the void of purpose. And in doing so, become “gods” so to speak. 

Through this, we can build up our own values, morals, and goals, not dependent on a god that isn’t us, and we can live lives beyond good and evil.

By combining the passiveness of acceptance in Stoicism, with the activeness of the creation of purpose in Existentialism, we can become people who are not only unaffected by tragedy, but also ones who have and know their purpose in life and will whole heartedly pursue it. 

But after all this, there is one last belief we hold, and that is that the greatest purpose one could have in their short lives, is making the world more bearable for everybody, whether it be through their passion in the arts, sports, or the sciences, or by simply being kind, it doesn’t matter as long as you do something that will better society.

No matter who you are, there must be something that drives you, the thing that makes you get up first thing in the morning, something that every time you think of it, you get a feeling in your chest, a want to throw your being into it. And it’s in the pursuit of it can you find happiness, and it’s in the achievement can you find contentment. If you don’t have something like that, find it.

We hope that you can join us in making the world at least a bit more bearable for others, and for yourself. 



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A comment from one of our writers:
When i was a child, i used to be able to do whatever i want, whenever i want. I was carefree and my life was full of days of sunshine. I remember being able to play outside with my friends or just run around doing things that i loved. Riding bikes, playing hide and seek, tag, cops and robbers, and many many more. Now, its just a matter of if i have time to even think about doing all that.

Back then, i really wanted to grow up to be an adult because i thought they had more freedom and they got to do whatever they wanted. I realized i was wrong long before i even became an adult. I never imagined grown ups to experience hardships and stress, which are two concepts i never really understood as a child. Sure, i had my ups and downs, but never in the way I’m experiencing now as a teenager. Yes, teenagers experience stress, what a surprise. Stress does not have an age requirement, but only as a teenager did i really experience the unpleasant, worrying feeling of stress.

Now, as a scholar, i barely have any time to do things i love. One of them being writing. I’m always too busy studying or doing schoolwork. I rest as much as i can but not in the form of doing my hobbies or anything of the sort. I use that time to sleep and prepare myself for the next wave of schoolwork about to crash down and ruin my schedule.

Everything felt heavy and empty as soon as i gave up my hobbies. I didn’t really enjoy anything i was doing and i couldn’t go back to doing what i loved.

But suddenly i was invited to do this thing where we submit outputs of doing things we were passionate about. I hesitated at first due to the fact that it might hinder me from doing my schoolwork. Desperate for an escape, i joined. Now, i write every Saturday and it has been quite relieving. I love how we’re free to write about anything rather than about a specific topic that will always have a specific and right answer. Being given freedom to write is like being given freedom to express who you are and what you love.

This religion became my outlet to release and free myself from the shackles of being a scholar. I get to do things i like and realize that i can fit things like these in my schedule. It helped me manage my time and learn that there’s more to life than just school and such. Being able to accept this fact made me a better person and i hope more people will realize this too.